Silicon Verified Consultancy Inc (SilVer) is a Managed Development Center (MDC) that aims to provide high-quality service with a strategic workforce. At SilVer, we envision creating a managed operations model designed to help your business increase efficiency, improve quality, and lower costs to meet your demands.

Socrates, the Father of Western Philosophy, said, “The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” With the progressive nature of business, business owners must keep up with the demands of the trend.

SilVer as a Managed Development Center creates concrete action plans that are aligned with effective business strategies to meet the client’s demands. To do this, we promulgate five vital factors to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

First, we provide extensive locations in the Philippines which has a conducive working environment for day-to-day productivity. We make sure that our employees are in a space that promotes a positive office atmosphere to motivate them to do better.

Second, clients need not worry about looking for highly skilled and talented individuals. SilVer has a secured hiring process to ensure that only the best candidates are hired for the job. Through our staff augmentation, we help our clients grow and maximize productivity and efficiency for long-term projects.

Third, with Continuous Learning and Improvement as one of our core values, we conduct accelerated staff training to permeate the company’s positive can-do attitude culture and to equip them with the skills needed to deliver quality performance.

Fourth, it is vital to utilize time, especially at work without making the employees overwhelmed, thus we promote efficient workload balancing. Through this, leaders help employees cultivate a clear work path which allows them to nurture their flexibility in doing multiple workloads within the given time frame.

Lastly, SilVer guarantees productivity in our day-to-day operations. This is possible as we are equipped with complete operational management. To keep the operations running smoothly with the highest level of efficiency possible, globally competent professionals maximize an individual’s potential to get the work done.

Through SilVer’s MDC, clients invest in high-quality output, in-demand skills, talent, and long-term loyalty at a cost-efficient value. Our team can work not only with new projects but also with existing projects proactively. With our high regard for performance and client satisfaction, clients can expect full-packaged management to fulfill their deliverables without any hassle in achieving the company’s end goal.

Choosing SilVer means clients can expect up to 3x the productivity with quality output and fewer management tasks. All that’s left to do is check on the team from time to time or read updates and reports while focusing on other aspects of your business.

All these are made possible because of the team behind the scenes. Leaders utilize each member to become more productive and passionate with a seamless flow between work and life through various employee engagement activities, thus we promote work-life effectiveness. This makes one’s personal and professional life aligned in a way that makes a positive impact on breakthrough returns of investment for the entire company.

To envision and put into action a well-strategized business approach is one of the things that makes a business succeed and grow. There may come a time when we take a bumpy road, but as we believe in SilVer, Every Challenge has a SilVer Lining.

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