The Philippines is one of the best countries in business process outsourcing (BPO). Many top-dollar global companies see the Philippines as their top choice for offshoring.

As we are now in the Information Age, people can adapt and adjust rapidly to new technologies. This is one of the main reasons people can do a task or job more easily and better. Employers look for employees who can grasp the company’s work ethics to produce quality outputs.

With the recession and economic turndown happening in most countries like the United States of America and Europe, business owners and CEOs are making all means possible to keep their businesses afloat. One of the things they do is offshore outsourcing.


Offshore refers to a location outside one’s country or in other words, any location abroad.

Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring a third party outside the company to provide services, do tasks, and handle operations according to the client’s or company’s needs rather than using their employees.

Offshore outsourcing refers to the practice of transferring some functions of your business to a company in a different geographic location, such as the Philippines.

This strategy helps strengthen the workforce’s productivity and quality. It makes the organization compete with other organizations with high regard for accountability and excellence.


Here are the things you need to know why it is a must to switch to offshore outsourcing in the Philippines:


Being able to communicate well with clients is one of the major factors companies and organizations consider when it comes to hiring people to work for them. This also helps in strengthening the relationship with the client which results in a smooth-sailing partnership.

The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world and is ranked 18th globally in having high proficiency in English and 2nd in Asia. English has been the second language of the Philippines for the longest time. They have a neutral accent and can be easily trained to speak with a specific accent. Not only can Filipinos speak English well but can also write well. This makes Filipinos excellent both in written and oral communication so it would be easier to work with them.


Though the Philippines is a developing country, it is still considered a Third World country. It has a lower minimum wage compared to other countries.

Companies would be able to possibly save up to 70% on employment when outsourcing in the Philippines. This does not mean that the services provided by Filipino workers are cheap and mediocre; clients can get high-quality performance at a lower cost.


Filipinos are known to be adaptive and resilient. Filipinos can easily adjust and work hours with different time zones and could provide services 24/7 with multiple changing shifts. They can keep up with tasks and duties geared towards high-goal expectations and excellence.


With the Philippines being colonized by countries such as the U.S. and Spain, Filipinos have a strong cultural affinity with these countries. The exposure to their culture made Filipinos more familiar with and adaptive to Western practices.

Because of this, outsourcing in the Philippines is the best option to maximize productivity since they would be able to integrate and adapt to the different work processes and services to be provided. Filipinos can also relate to the customers and make them feel at ease as if talking to a local in their country.


Filipinos can offer a wide range of services. With a vast pool of skilled and talented individuals, the Philippines is famous for its customer service. Filipino professionals are innovative, passionate, resourceful, critical thinkers, and accommodating. They have pride in their work and deep respect towards others. They are great team players and can make the working environment a fun place. Not only that, but the Philippines also houses many professionals who graduated from top-tier universities which honed and played a vital role in making them globally competitive and quality-oriented. Filipinos have great pride when it comes to their academics.


The Philippines has been making its name in the US Trade Representative’s annual Special 301 Report reviewing the global state of IP protection rights and enforcement as it marked its ninth year with a clean slate. In this report, more than 100 trading partners were reviewed, listing 27 under Priority Watch List and Watch List, last April 27, 2022. The Philippines having been cleared of any concern for the longest time, clients can be assured of their privacy.

There are a lot of other reasons why offshore outsourcing in the Philippines is the best option for a top-dollar global company but with these six alone, the Philippines will surely remain one of the top-rated offshore outsourcing places in the world. Any business can remarkably benefit from this profitable opportunity. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

The creative work and expertise of Filipinos can help maximize and strengthen the organization’s core competencies. The Philippines also continues to invest in developing and upgrading technology to uphold its niche as a global service provider.

With the global crisis happening, outsourcing in the Philippines is the best option to help your business grow and provide excellent and quality customer service without ruining your company’s core competencies and values.

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