Managed Development Centers Built To Your Standards.

SilVer conducts training workshops on-site, off-site, and online to develop high-valued leaders at all levels and high-performance teams to complement them. We provide consultancy services to assist companies and organizations specific to their needs, whether that be technical, process, or people-related concerns.


LLearn practical and effective
skills and apply everyday to
bring out star performance
from people in the organization.


Let us help identify and assess areas of development, and recommend solutions to achieve your full business potential.


We engage as partners for your success. Any potential faults, we’ll discover together in our audits.

Deploy a team of seasoned IC design engineers, IC layout engineers, design verification engineers, software engineers, and data processing professionals on demand.

Predictable Pricing

Augment your organization’s needs at an economically competitive cost, with no hidden fees.

Managed Development Center

We hire the team, set up the office, and manage the daily operations fulfill the assigned scope of work efficiently.

Resources On Demand

Scale your development, data processing and design projects and deploy teams at will.

Agile Communication

Effective offshore collaboration through different means of communication.

Weekly Reporting

Setting of measurable and attainable daily/weekly objectives according to the overall project goal.

Project Management

Our team leads and engineers are committed to meet or beat schedules according to our clients needs.

Design Auditing

We review your existing designs in a confidential manner to pursue ideal development and design.

Digital Layouts

Enterprise level designing full custom or digital layout from medium to complex blocks using extensive technology nodes.

Cadence and Synopsis

Our engineers are trained and highly experienced in Cadence and Synopsys backend tools.

Structured Production

Flexibility, adaptability, and quick ramp-up time to learn new and/or changing project priorities, processes, and technologies.

Continuous Optimization

We share our initiatives on process improvements through innovative solutions to help our clients.

Simulation Testing

Simulation testing pre-silicon design models from RTL block components to chip top level using extensive verification methodologies.

Functional design verification

Enterprise level designing full custom or digital layout from medium to complex blocks using extensive technology nodes.

Manufacturing Oriented

With our verification process we can optimize the design for production from testing to cost saving opportunities.

Data Entry

We help you train and build a team of experts in data entry, data processing and data handling.

Database Management

Our automation specialists will help you configure and integrate multiple databases into one centralized database for simpler data management.


It’s not just about inputting data, it’s being able to calculate and predict new opportunities as they arise. Our analysts specialize in multiple data platform management systems.

Software Developers

We understand that finding software developers can be costly – especially when you scale to autonomous production. Our focus is on reducing that cost for you, while maintaining quality standards.

Semiconductor Design

From hardware to software, across a multitude of design platforms – we have the expertise to train professionals to work at international standards.

Physical Design

Our team takes care of converting schematic to custom or digital layout design based on our clients’ requirements.

Design Verification

We develop functional verification solutions in simulating logic various digital design models to meet our customers’ requirements and product specifications.

Electronic Design Automation

Our team takes care of the development of design flows for multiple engineering customers using industry standard EDA software.

Package Design and Deployment

Our team takes care of developing and deploying IC packaging solutions that fulfill our clients’ requirements and product specifications from concept to mass production.




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