World Class Semiconductor Design Services

We are a team of fast, reliable, and world-class engineers with expertise in microelectronics product development from hardware to software across a wide range of technology nodes. The leadership team brings multinational professional and partnership experience from the US, Europe, and Asia.

Deploy a team of seasoned IC design engineers, IC layout engineers, design verification engineers, software engineers, and data processing professionals on demand.

Predictable Pricing

Augment your organization’s needs at an economically competitive cost, with no hidden fees.

Managed Development Center

We hire the team, set up the office, and manage the daily operations fulfill the assigned scope of work efficiently.

Resources On Demand

Scale your development, data processing and design projects and deploy teams at will.

Agile Communication

Effective offshore collaboration through different means of communication.

Weekly Reporting

Setting of measurable and attainable daily/weekly objectives according to the overall project goal.

Project Management

Our team leads and engineers are committed to meet or beat schedules according to our clients needs.


Semiconductor Hardware Design Services

Our team takes care of converting schematic to custom or digital layout design based on our clients’ requirements.

Design Auditing

We review your existing designs in a confidential manner to pursue ideal development and design.

Digital Layouts

Enterprise level designing full custom or digital layout from medium to complex blocks using extensive technology nodes.

Cadence and Synopsys

Our engineers are trained and highly experienced in Cadence and Synopsys backend tools.

Structured Production

Flexibility, adaptability, and quick ramp-up time to learn new and/or changing project priorities, processes, and technologies.

Continuous Optimization

We share our initiatives on process improvements through innovative solutions to help our clients.


We blend traditional design verification with automation and modern validation processes

As a team of highly skilled Design Verification (DV) Engineers, our mission is to ensure product designs meet requirements and specifications and fulfill their intended purpose.

Simulation Testing

Simulation testing pre-silicon design models from RTL block components to chip top level using extensive verification methodologies.

Functional design verification

Enterprise level designing full custom or digital layout from medium to complex blocks using extensive technology nodes.

Manufacturing Oriented

With our verification process we can optimize the design for production from testing to cost saving opportunities.

Electronic Design Automation

Simulation, Functional Safety, Analysis and Verification.

Let us help you with your electronic design automation needs. 


Multiple design automation development processes including front-to-back digital or analog flows.

Design And Analysis

Stress testing automation with modern semiconductor chips, components and integrated circuit hardware.

Manufacturing Preparation

We resolve and enhance potential design flaws, and create calculative automation that focus on optimal production.

Software Development

From Python to C/C++ Programming, we deliver world class proprietary software tailored for your products.

We cover a wide variety of software development tasks that our clients need assistance with creating. Our talented developers work in semi-automated workflows within an agile development framework so you can get focus on your business at hand.

Agile Development Framework

Following best practices, we work within the agile methodology to ensure our clients are happy with the progress before delivery.

Hands Free Workflows

We understand the complexities within the software development industry. That’s why we carry the workload from start to finish, or even in-between.

OS Development

Working within Windows / Linux / MacOS – we can design, develop and launch your applications as required for your hardware.


From Development to Deployment, we empower your business with the manpower to build and grow happy customers.

As a team of highly skilled IC Package Engineers, our mission is to develop and execute packaging qualification plans and identify opportunities to optimize the packaging process to improve production efficiency.

Process Definition

Post audit, we find opportunities to build optimized processes to deliver physical and digital packages on time.

Subcon Management

We co-design, co-develop as required to accelerate the launch time. We’ll even handle the negotiations for you.

Deployment For Manufacture

We analyze the development and production costs for enterprises releasing their products at scale.

Mechanical and Electrical

It’s important to stress test prior to market release. Our team will vet, test and seek potential causes for wear.

Thermal Simulation

Without the need for a direct module, we use PHII Thermal Analyzer to calculate thermal readings for smooth operations.


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