“Every Challenge has a SilVer Lining.”


Multiply Your Business By Diversifying The Work

We partner with the world’s leading technology enterprises to provide them with semiconductor development, design and verification capabilities to explore greater depths, with world class resources, specialists and expertise to match.

A Dedicated Team That Provides Support With Absolute Confidentiality, At Any Technical Capacity

The partnerships we build are focused on delivering your vision with specialists who have worked for peak technology companies such as Intel and Canon, in a scalable systematic deployment of staff and resources.

Our Linear Approach

  • Manpower Resource Deployment
  • Semiconductor Design
  • Management Consulting
  • And Beyond

Trust in Seasoned Professionals that Brings Your Discoveries to Life, at Scale


Our client commitment is second to none. Through the positive can-do attitude of our culture, we’ve enabled businesses to thrive with offshore management consulting and semiconductor development.


Testimonials from Our Customers

“We have been collaborating with the SilVer team for a while. It has always been a successful story of engagement, tenacity, strong communication as well as layout quality, overcoming together IP restrictions and remote-working while still maintaining work effectiveness. I am looking forward to the next project together!”

Ferdinando Bedeschi

Micron Fellow Memory Design Pathfinding – Milano, Italia

Testimonials from Our Customers

“Working with the SilVer team based in the Philippines was a good experience and a great model for cross-site collaboration. We worked with SilVer for a year and they provided full support and task ownership in all 3 family products assigned to them. We thank them for consistently delivering high-quality IC design layouts on schedule for our tape-outs and for being transparent and open in their communications. SilVer not only meets technical delivery of work expectations, but it is also a true partner and advocate to successfully complete projects in a timely manner in the remote global environment we live in today. Thank you and more power!”

Qi Ren

VP R&D and GM of Lattice Shanghai

Testimonials from Our Customers

Remarkable engagement with a lot of care. That is the SilVer team experience. We are delighted in having a committed team like SilVer with a can-do attitude who gives their all-out support in this fast-changing world of IC design engineering; who makes sure we keep our projects on track, even going out of their way to resolve any challenges in work dependencies (such as those that concern design rules, IT remote connectivity, resourcing requirements – just to name a few). We truly appreciate SilVer taking care of our projects: their quick response, patience and tenacity have been essential in carrying out our R&D program through the years!

Duane Mills

Micron Fellow Memory Design Pathfinding

Testimonials From Our Interns

My internship with SilVer has been one of a kind.
As a beginner in IC design, I admit it was challenging.
Had it not been for the support, guidance, and patience of my mentors, it could have been a frustrating experience.
The team was generous in sharing their expertise and discussing the fundamentals and principles I needed to understand to get started in the industry.
My analysis and critical thinking have definitely improved as I accomplished my tasks.
With the training exercises given to me, I have become better equipped to figure out and solve problems related to IC layout design.

While I am truly grateful for the technical skills I gained, I would also like to emphasize the commendable company culture, which made my stay even more meaningful.
I think the best part of being a SilVer intern is having the opportunity to meet and work with the amazing people of the team.
Learning new things wasn’t intimidating, but instead enjoyable because of the team’s support and kindness.
They were approachable and always made me feel included in the team.
I can confidently say that my internship with SilVer was enriching and memorable!

Margaret Dionisio

IC Design Intern

Testimonials From Our Interns

I can still remember those days when I was struggling to land an internship. Emailing people all around LinkedIn and other job-finding websites must have been the most hectic thing. My classmates already started their internships while I anxiously wait for one month. But cliché quotes are true, patience is a virtue, and some things are just worth waiting for. If I knew from the very beginning that I will eventually land the best internship ever, I would not have wasted those sleepless nights finding one. But again, some things are just worth waiting for.

Right off the bat, I can see how our internship program was well-prepared. The management and our OJT advisor really put an effort when it came to the different sets of learnings that we had to undergo. Aside from the learnings, one thing that I really looked forward to in this internship was the company culture. And true enough, SilVer provided a culture that I admired the most. My colleagues were very kind to me and really treated me as if I were part of a family. Here at SilVer, they valued camaraderie and character development aside from technical skills. At first, I had difficulty calling people by their first names, but along the way, I was able to communicate with them easily since the concepts of authority and hierarchy were minimized.

The technical skills that were taught were tremendously well thought out and detailed. Each of our teachers who were also our colleagues provided us with top-level information and knowledge that we were able to apply in our exercises. What’s good about the teaching of technical skills was the clarity of how they were taught. Our colleagues were able to teach them concepts that we would understand and really enabled us to think critically. Aside from that, what I really found amazing in this company is how we are able to practice the soft skills that are needed when you go to work. Professionalism, camaraderie, and confidentiality among other things were practiced at maximum.

Although SilVer, taught me how to think critically and take work with excellence and seriousness, I will never forget the hallway talks between me and my colleagues, the lunch out together, and the extracurricular activities that SilVer promotes: work-life balance. These are just simple activities that no one else can teach you. Just like what our managing director said, “At the end of the day, work is just like a gig.” You need to have a life after work. And fair enough, SilVer has created a worker-friendly atmosphere. Even though the tasks may seem hectic and could really drain you, I felt otherwise. The light atmosphere made me feel like I’m doing work with people I can rely on. At the end of the day, SilVer provided me with the best internship that I could ask for and I believe that students should be able to experience this too.


Lorenzo Miguel Pepino

IC Design Intern



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